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Oh, what a relief that there is now an alternative to ThunderStats, which prevented us from upgrading Thunderbird for quite some time! Thank you Andreas for making it!
I just used PayPal to send some Kudos :)
May I suggest a few features:
how about stats for last day and last week (Just two buttons) to simply show how many mails received and sent per day.
Thank you again!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.5.1). 

My pleasure. And many thanks for the support, it's much appreciated!

You can already see mail counts per day in the Activity section when pointing the cursor on single days. Also the per week stats can be found in the first chart group > last tab "Weeks". Let me know, if you have any more feature suggestions or you can create feature requests yourself on Github (https://github.com/devmount/third-stats/issues/new?template=feature_request.md).