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I know The Ripper explains why they stopped maintaining and updating this Add-On by saying: "I stopped maintainig this AddOn, because in current Thunderbird Versions the "Reply" Button has a Dropdown, that shows all emailadresses that Thunderbird finds in this email."

...but unfortunately this is no longer True. In Thunderbird 52 I cannot find any such drop-down on the reply button.

We need this add-on once again! It would not be redundant! :)

EDIT 2018-04-09
No, I don't see the small downward triangle under any reply button. tested on Thunderbird 52.7.0 on Mac, and on Linux, and on Windows. I tried both the reply button by the message headers, and the optional reply button that can be added to the top toolbar. I tried with no add-ons/extensions installed. I even tried creating a new profile with thunderbird.exe -profilemanager and there was still no sign of the little downward triangle.

I am on Thunderbird 52.7 and beneath my reply button there is a small downward triangle. If I am opening this, I get a list of email adresses I could select to reply to.
Do you have it again visible on your installation or ist there something wrong with your configuration?

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a really nice and usefull Add-on.
Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore with Thunderbird 52.1.1.
Maybe you could adjust this Add-On?
i would be really glad


I stopped maintainig this AddOn, because in current Thunderbird Versions the "Reply" Button has a Dropdown, that shows all emailadresses that Thunderbird finds in this email. So you are able to answer to the adress of your choice. Thats not exactly, what this AddOn did, but nearly (and more).


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The Mozilla Add-Ons page of "Print Pages to PDF" has been killed. Where do I look for it?

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Like many people here, I just cry "Print Page to PDF"'s disappearance ... and sorry to speak of your concurrent, the noisy and paying "FireShot". I prefer to give money for your work! You made an application I was using dozens of times a day. What are the underlying reasons for this withdrawal?

Pardon de parler de "Print pages to PDF" ici, comme tant de monde! Et pardon de parler de votre concurrent, l'envahissant et très peu friendly "fireshot". J'aurais tellement préféré vous faire ces compliments avant, et vous donner quelque argent... Etrange quand même que personne d'autre ne propose un add on équivalent.. Est-ce un véto de Firefox pour privilégier des add'ons "commerciaux" (car Fireshot en est un!)

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Sorry for posting here but...
what happened to your Print pages to Pdf addon it was the best web2pdf converter in the world and that includes adobe's acrobat pdf converter.
Some good news for other people searching for the addon, using google I found a copy here
but with the way mozilla is going all external addons will be blocked with the next Firefox update so please re-add this cool tool to addons,mozilla.org

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SORRY to comment here..

But please let me echo the comments left by others here.
"Print Pages to PDF" was the only tool that (as standard) would convert multiple tabs to PDF, it was great to be able to capture consecutive pages/tabs and compile them to a single PDF document. I miss your add-on greatly.
Other "competitors" to your add-on demand a fee to unlock the "print/convert/compile all tabs" option.
I was happy to contribute an amount when i first installed your PDF tool - I would be happy to do the same for the other dev's who i referenced above - but i refuse to be held to a monthly ransom for an extra feature of a browser add-on (again,i suspect, i echo the feelings of many others)

IT WOULD BE REALLY GREAT if you could re-enable and continue developing this "must have" extension.

If this is not possible, then let me thank you for the time & effort you DID take with the extension when it was available

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I am a regular user of print pages to PDF add on. I never found any alternation add on which can save multiple open tab in one PDF. Please restore this Add on. I badly need this add on. I am requesting you to re upload that add on. I will be very grateful if you upload that again.

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Please do not stop developing of that addon.It was the best and most comprehesive addon that save webpage to pdf.No other addon did not save the link if the length of that link is too long.Please again.I am an everyday user of that addon and I miss so much.Everytime I need it I have to use an old version of firefox,as portable,because the new 40 version did not work
I hope The God will make you decide to continue , Not only for me , just for all firefox users

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what happened to print-pages-to-pdf ? :X

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I am a member of a committee that gets emails copied to the committee. I'd like to be able to do a quick reply to the CC line. Unfortunately add-on doesn't help because the address is not expanded. An ability to manually add a default reply-to address would help, along with adding it to the message header if possible.