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SORRY to comment here..

But please let me echo the comments left by others here.
"Print Pages to PDF" was the only tool that (as standard) would convert multiple tabs to PDF, it was great to be able to capture consecutive pages/tabs and compile them to a single PDF document. I miss your add-on greatly.
Other "competitors" to your add-on demand a fee to unlock the "print/convert/compile all tabs" option.
I was happy to contribute an amount when i first installed your PDF tool - I would be happy to do the same for the other dev's who i referenced above - but i refuse to be held to a monthly ransom for an extra feature of a browser add-on (again,i suspect, i echo the feelings of many others)

IT WOULD BE REALLY GREAT if you could re-enable and continue developing this "must have" extension.

If this is not possible, then let me thank you for the time & effort you DID take with the extension when it was available