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Rated 1 out of 5 stars

You know, my original review of this "product" was admittedly posted while still awash in the frustration of having to finally break down and do a search to learn exactly what add on Skipity was tied to so that I could get rid of the thing. But since then the developer, Andrew Corley, has sent me two emails whining about how unfair my review was. In the second one, which he presumably sent because I didn't respond to his first, he made a point to prove how good he is at internet searches by relating a few facts he'd discovered about me, like that I had breast cancer and had - gasp - posted pictures of my dead family members online! Then he reiterated how unfair it was for me to complain about having privacy concerns since I'd posted "everything" about myself online. Our differing views of "everything" aside, I did notice that while he's perfectly content to dig into the online lives of anyone who dares to not fall madly in love with his add ons, he himself is apparently not so willing to speak with anyone who has a bit more "clout" than us run of the mill users. Namely, Forbes magazine, who did an article about Skipity's privacy policy. Since Andrew made it a point to call me too stupid to figure out that the policy is intended to be satire, I thought I'd just post what Forbes had to say about it and him.

"And finally, if all of this seems like it might be a joke, the policy clarifies: “We are serious about all of the above. So don’t go trying to sue us later with some nonsense like ‘I thought that was all satire.’ All your privacy are belong to us. We mean it.”

I reached out to Corley for comment and didn’t hear back from him. But self-destructive terms of service aside, Skipity seems to be a real search engine. Though it mostly acts as a front-end for Bing and Amazon’s site search, it also offers a StumbleUpon-like feature that lets you “skipity” to a random page on the web based on your interests. Those interests can be stored between visits if the user signs up for Skipity’s Facebook app, which gives the site access to the user’s profile data and that of his or her friends.

Probably not a wise move."

Who on God's green earth would take that policy seriously? Forbes, apparently. And Andrew didn't have the guts to reply when they asked him for comment. He sure doesn't seem to have an issue with replying to us, though. How very brave of him.

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Download YouTube Videos + Flash Video Downloader / Download-Helper

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Deleted after the developer decided to install a bunch of stuff I never agreed to, including Skipity, which flat out sucks on a too many levels to list. Way to sabotage the privacy of all your users!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (12.8).