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Thanks for this amazing extension, found it after a lot of searching. If you don't mind I'd like to give you a feedback/suggestions.

1. I am using this add-on to import .eml files since I just have 250mb mail server capacity so I save the files from Thunderbird as .eml and view them in my local folder. Can I lock/permanently save the directory of a particular local folder to my directory from which I import the files? Like local folder TEST1 to directory C:/thunderbird/Test1, TEST2 to D:/thunderbird/Test2, etc.

2. When I add new eml files to my computer folder/directory as my mail server is about to get full, can the Thunderbird's local folder automatically fetch/sync those mails?

3. When I imported the mails initially via the add-on and then I did it again on the same local folder since I had added new eml files, I got duplicate files and it imported all the files again as the add-on could not distinguish between new and already added files.

4. Say I have 2000 mails in my computer folder, when I import the files to Thunderbird using the add-on, only say 1800 or 1900 mails/items are imported. Why is that? When I export the mails from Thunderbird they are more than when I import them.

I hope you understood my queries/suggestions. Again, it has solved a huge part of my problem but these few things would ease the process even further.

Nipun Nayar @ hotmail .com

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.0.4).