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Notepad (QuickFox)

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

It is my go to note taking application though overtime it has lost functionality

some PROs
Powerful Notetaking add on for FIREFOX, probably does 90% of what I need a word-processor to do...
--multitab support for NOTEs useful for different subjects
--F5 timestamp
--search feature to find text inside of notes and replace text
--Notes can be SYNCED to remote devices though this is hit and miss
--archive and backup to retrieve notes and change note repository so I can find it and transfer it around to other computers (since remote sync is not always working)
--keeps a backupfolder of the days notes so one can copy or open those into another word processor

Some CONs though some of this is not QUICKFOX fault as it depends on other programs
--DO NOT UPDATE FIREFOX as this is incompatible, search how to install FF 56 and disable all sneaky bolshevik FF updates until this is resolved
--remote sync spotty, even with Xmark, for best results copy repository to target computer to have updated notes(yes you have to learn how to switch repositories, where to find it and copy and paste files)
--ability to move tabs around has been lost during a FireFox update
--ability to log in and upload notes into Google Docs network feature has been lost possibly due to a Google doc update
--lacks ability to see all archived notes from within the program, though can go to the backups folder and check what is in there.

FYI the OFFLINE version still retains the ability to move tabs around and can be set up to share the same hard disk repository as the browser version