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Der_Orso: Try typing just 'dumper' (without quotes) in the AMO search box.and look carefully at the drop-down list which appears. Then click on the line showing Extension List Dumper 2.

I have no problem seeing it that way.

Your update prompt was caused by a most belated triggering by the automatic issuing of a signed version of the original Extension List Dumper. Since, as you point out, that version does not work, it should not have been signed.

However, the new version, 'Extension List Dumper 2', of which I told you, DOES work..

My review, repeated below, was designed to help other people. Please do not obscure it before they have had time to see it. Thank you.

Iceberg has produced a corrected revival of this extension, which is officially on AMO and signed!

Extension List Dumper 2 :: Add-ons for Firefox

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