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This is really a great add-on, BUT I'm missing one important feature:

To have a combination of "AND/OR" functionality in the filters. I'm trying to explain what I mean:

In the standard Thunderbird Message Filters I can select "Match all of the following" (which means AND) or "Match any of the following" (which means OR). But I can NOT combine those two like "Match (subject=A OR subject=B) AND sender is X".

It's a shame that the standard Thunderbird message filter doesn't have this functionality – even the old outdated Microsoft Outlook Express has this functionality!

Unfortunately this great add-on FiltaQuilla doesn't have it too. Maybe it's not possible to create such a functionality in FiltaQuilla.

Does anybody know of such an add-on with this functionality?


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.3.0). 

At the recent Thunderbird Summit, we tried to find time to plan the user interface for boolean filters ("AND/OR" functionality") but ultimately did not. So this is recognized as an issue. In FiltaQuilla itself, you can do more complex search terms, including boolean filters, using custom javascript search terms. You have to know how to code what you want though, so this only helps a tiny majority of users.