Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Love the app, especially as it seems to be only one of a kind.
All the same, what is really frustrating is:
1. How long the downloads take (though that could be TB or my OVH mail server). Still 5* at this point.
2. If there is a break in connection on export of the 999th out of 1000 mails, the export is interrupted, there's one mail missing, but there is also no index.html, which is a pain, as you have to start the export from the beginning again (i.e. several hours more in my case).
It needs to be able to pick up again from where the connection broke.
3. I have regularly exported a folder & got the final index.html so wiped the mails from my server, then found that the exported folder is incomplete, although the index.html file has them all listed. Clicking on a missing file gives "File not found". (I just now exported a folder of 21 mails, but the export folder only contains 5. I try a 2nd time & all 21 are there. Try this on a folder with 1000+ mails!)

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