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Since adding this addon, I sometimes get the Google main ssl search page instead of a results page when I search from Firefox's search bar. This even happens if I choose the regular Google search from the dropdown menu. Clicking on a link from the Google ssl search results page will also sometimes take me to the main Google ssl page, instead of the page that the link is supposed to be pointing to.

I have removed the Google ssl entry using the search box management option, but I still have the problem. What files does installing this addon alter or add to Firefox?

I know it says not to leave bug reports here, but I went to the developer's sourceforge page, and most of it is in some Asian language, which I do not understand, and I can't find any contact info for him.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20100625). 

I don't think this is caused by this addon.
This addon just put an xml file in your firefox profile directory. And if you remove it from search box management, the file will be deleted and nothing left.
What you said may be caused by Google left some Cookie in your browser.