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Above is an attempt to migrate XNote++ to TBird 78.x. (the import hasn't shown legacy XNotes at this time for me but new notes are the main important thing/only difference is the button position can't be moved into the upper toolbar currently... and the character 'Q' =;xB )
Martin Lazdans THANK YOU!


This is a $100 "bounty" from the developer offered to other developers to update XNote+++ for compatability with Thunderbird 78.x.

REALLY hoping someone will take up the mantle of the saviour of us note taking TBird users who aren't able to code with the best of you.

Mozilla has once again upgraded XNote out of compatibility with XNote+++ on TBird version 78.x. Unfortunately, now the ability to update XN to 78.x compatability is far more difficult.

The developer of this extension has done amazing things in the past to update the extension to be compatible after it became obsolete for earlier versions.

I believe in the developer and will hope for a speedy solution so we can continue to use the best (only?) individual email note application left, which has served us well for years.

Thanks dev! Keep the ext! =:xB

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.3.1).