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I have tried every way I can think of to block this redirect and no method is working.



Can you please give some suggestions on how to block this link?

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I like this addon a lot. Took a few minutes to figure out, but it works great.

A good overview of the different types of redirects can be found on Wikipedia :

NoRedirect can be used to protect against exploit kits and servers infected with malware such as cdorked, by intercepting their malicious redirects.

It can detect HTTP headers ( 301 / 302 etc ), and HTTP refresh / meta-refresh. It does not work on javascript window.location redirects.

There are very few options, so it's hard to go wrong. Using it like a firewall in default block all mode, I removed all the default filters and added one catch all wildcard filter to intercept redirects globally from any website.

My test pattern :


When you leave all the checkbox options unchecked, this mode will give you a redirect warning with a message showing the status code or header redirect type, with a link to the redirect location that you can click on, if all is ok.

Checking the DNS error page option will give you the Firefox error page that the site can't be found. This option could be used when targeting exploit kit redirect patterns specifically. A custom error page with a brief description or NoRedirect logo would be even better, so you know it's not really an error..

Thanks Kai Liu, great work.


@davesocal - "There is no support documentation to explain the syntax of the filter expressions to use"

Mozilla has a very nice page on Regular Expressions :


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https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34423 > Attachments > OpenOffice Toolbox

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Kudos to the author for fact that this add-on does stop the redirect. Unfortunately this add-on turns all my searches into a two-step process. Clicking on the search result first simply stops the link and takes you to a dead page but does reveal a clean link that you can click on in step two.

There is no support documentation to explain the syntax of the filter expressions to use. I'm a computer science student and had to guess at how to add blekko.com to the list of search redirects. I'll keep looking for an easier redirect filter to use.

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tested on ff3.5. it doesnt applied

ive tried : regex : "^https?://addons.mozilla.org/.*" source=false, allow=false, dns error=false

i also tried in my apache+php server : header("Location: http://www.example.com/xxx"); /* Redirect browser */;
then noredirect regex : "^http://www.example.com/.*" source=false, allow=false, dns error=false

i tried source=true, allow=false, dns error=false
i tried source=false, allow=false, dns error=true

it never works, no notice like : https://addons.cdn.mozilla.net/user-media/previews/full/32/32198.png?modified=1331247702

oh dear ... how to make it work ? thanks

NB: why there is no option for import/export list ?

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Please update your pre-provided list - one if those, namely the anti opendns.com item needs to change (its outdated URL section "guide" should be updated to the current "guidetest" otherwise NoRedirect will not prevent OpenDNS from redirecting at will

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NoRedirect works exactly as described. I have been annoyed by Cox Cable DNS hijacking. Editing my Host file protected me for a while. Then somehow Cox malware dns hijacker (my opinion) http://finder.cox.net started again. Used BlockSite and it worked exceptionally well, then Cox somehow thwarted it. Now I've just installed NoRedirect. I hope NoRedirect is a lasting fix in defeating http://finder.cox.net. Now I need to find a way to protect IE. Is there a version of NoRedirect for IE? My Os is Win8. FireFox v22.0.

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How to block a site e.g. https://www.bwin.com ???
I can't block this.

Thank you

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Powerful although useless unless you grok regex.

Unfortunately cannot get it to filter properly on Firefox 23.

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you can learn a lot about regexp starting from here.


use the try it editor for quick preview of what exactly happens. its really not as hard as you may think.

note: i haven't used the addon, i'm just offering help on regexp for all the people that miss this addon. i like the said features of this addon. the idea of previewing redirection urls and using it preview any short url redirection is really great.

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great addon, i block "https?://" and use it as a whitelist.

i agree with @1814, would be good if there was a status bar icon for it to easily toggle etc.

and another idea, probably something that nobody but me really wants, maybe an easier way to add the current url to the list, maybe just when encountering a redirect, it could prompt to bring up the window and make a partial entry for the current source or redirect and let the user edit it and then add it

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Much better than turning off redirection at all in FF options. Now i can allow any redirects i want, while disallowing all the others. As for now it works fine (FF 18.0.1).

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I installed this addon immediately after running across it mainly because I appreciate it's potential. The problem is that RegExs are a complicated topic for many and there is very little guidance (examples using common sites for instance) provided. I realize this thing is probably a labor of love and that we have to respect the developers time but if a little more of this time was spent on documentation there will likely be more folks out there to love this.

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The NoRedirect extension does what it said it would and does not do what it didn't say.

This extension uses regular expressions. If you want to block all redirects you will have to add a regular expression matching all URLs, e.g. ".*". That's a dot followed by an asterisk. An asterisk alone (*) is not going to work.

Anyway, the last few reviews made me suspicious enough to have a closer look at this extension and its source code.

First, it does not hijack search results. Hijacked search results like the ones described by the previous reviewer may be sign of malware and the problem is a common one (a Web search gives plenty of results and suggestions, e.g. running a malware scan). However, I could not find any sign that this extension engages in such behaviour, nor did I find anything suspicious inside the extension's source code.

Second, it does work on Firefox 16.0.1.

@ Jason:
There are four columns. The first one is named "RegExp Pattern" and provides an edit box, the other three are checkboxes named "Source", "Allow" and "DNS error" (on that order, from left to right).

Below is the description of these settings:

RegExp Pattern
a regular expression pattern (PCRE) to match the source or destination URL

whether the pattern should match the source (checked) or destination (unchecked) URL

whether this is a redirect that should be allowed (checked) or blocked (unchecked)

DNS error
whether the browser should display a DNS error upon interdicting the redirect

My only suggestion at this point would be to add an option to enable/disable this extension. The option's value, preferably a boolean, would have to be accessible through about:config. This would allow a user to toggle NoRedirect through Prefbar's checkbox.

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Right after I installed this add-on, the first five search results (yahoo or google were the ones I used) were redirected to http://googleads doubleclick.net.. strangely both IE9 and Firefox 15.0.1 were victims.
What happened was: after the usual "paid ads" at the top of the results, the next five "real results" redirected to googleads.

After I removed this addon, the problem went away for both Ffox and IE9.

I put the addon back, the redirects came bad. Removed it a second time, there were no redirects.

Something's wrong here. I recommend that, if you must instal, you keep your eye on the results of any search engine.

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not work on fx16

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Just grabbed this yesterday, and have some tough questions about this addon:
A. I'm totally blind, so i have to use a screen reader full time to surf the web, let alone use a computer in the first place.
Using FireFox 12.0 Aurora in Windows XP Service Pack 3.
The screen reader i'm using is called NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access); can be tried by going to http://www.nvda-project.org and downloading a copy.
Most of the time, the extensions i manage to get going in FireFox work beautifully; Take the cases of NoScript, Noise, and WebVisum.
Standard dialog boxes are used where needed, and all controls (maybe 99% of them) are read perfectly.
This extension is a glaring exception to the rule.
NVDA does not read the text prompts next to the controls in the NoRedirect Options dialog;
Also, the table cells in the supplied table are not read at all (I.E., the text of the selected cell and column are not read at all; guessing it's supposed to be the highlighted NoRedirect rule i just selected.
NVDA just says "row", "row", "row" when i arrow up or down through the table entries.
B. i see at least 16 patterns of "edit", "checkbox", "checkbox" when i tap the Tab key on my keyboard to move between the different dialog box controls for this addon;
The edit boxes allow me to fill in the various entries;
I can toggle the checkboxes on or off, but I have absolutely no indication of the control's name at all.
Assuming there's various patterns i can fill in in these edit boxes and applying exceptions via the checkboxes.
One extremely handy edition to rendering text next to individual controls is to render text next to individual groups.
In this case, assuming there's 16 groups, the first pattern of "edit", "checkbox", "checkbox" I'm guessing is a default rule of some kind.
Maybe call this 'By default,'.
Then the individual checkboxes would have text next to them containing the control's name;
Huge note here; do not write 'checked' or 'unchecked' in the checkbox's name as part of the control; NVDA will indicate the condition of the checkbox as i change it.
C. No real documentation for this extension; kinda leaves me hanging, dazed, and confused…Lead Zeplin not included.

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I click on www.target.com link, and my ISP routes to a site owned by my ISP.

My computer hangs forever because I blocked the ISP hijacker in my Firerwal


I click on www.target.com link and my ISP routes to a site owned by my ISP.

My computer hangs forever because I blocked the ISP hijacker in my Firerwall

Before and After ...no difference.

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Hi, I have a problem with Pixiv. When I try to view a bigger version of a picture (for example, http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=big&illust_id=######), the server redirects me to http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=######. That is, from big to medium size. What would be the best config so the server stops redirecting me?