Appearance and Customization



Fixes smileys that show in emails created by Outlook as J.

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Added Nov. 26, 2020

Simple Startup Minimizer

This extension will minimize Thunderbird on startup, it is very simple and I didn't put much work into it but it should work on all platforms. Please let me know if you want more features added into it.

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Added Nov. 24, 2020


Adjust tree children heights to 50px.
After clicking menu button, please, move mouse pointer to tree. if so, heights are changed at hovering or clicking a tree child.

To Hyun-geol who I like.

Oh, my Jesus.

November 14th 2020.

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Added Nov. 12, 2020


Simple dark mode (theme) for your Thunderbird messages.

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Added Nov. 10, 2020

RedThunderMineBird Plus

Provides ability to create issues on Redmine from the context menu or the button in the message header area.

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Added Nov. 5, 2020


Move tabs in status bar and iconify menu bar.

This add-on researches new tabs' position and menubar iconification.
This add-on is as role as if task bar of Windows.

To Hyun-geol who I like.

Life in Holy Spirit.

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Added Oct. 16, 2020


Raise X11 urgent flag if new mail is received.

This addon listens for incoming mails and causes the Thunderbird window to draw attention.

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Added Oct. 14, 2020


This add-on adds a new column called "تاریخ" in message list containing Iranian Date to ThunderBird..

It is reimplementation of Iranian date for thunderbird in Thunderbird 78. The source is based on Full address column by Łukasz Kosson.

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Added Oct. 2, 2020

Filter on Folder Button

v1.2.0 release
adds two buttons to the toolbar for 'filters on selected folder' and 'open filter dialog',
include hotkeys

setzt zwei Buttons in die Toolbar für die Funktionen Filter auf Folder und Filterdialog.

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Added Oct. 2, 2020

Spam Scores

Displays spam scores according to mail headers. Supports spam/ham score headers of Rspamd and SpamAssassin. The add-on adds a column with the overall spam score to the mail list view and shows details of any matched spam/ham rule.

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Added Sept. 29, 2020

Full Address Column

Adds a full sender and recipient e-mail column to message list panel.

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Added Sept. 21, 2020


Scroll without touching the scroll-bar!
Press Middle (Right / Left) mouse button anywhere on the page to scroll just like with scrollbar.

Features also:
- "grab and drag" scrolling
- customizable scrollbars!
- the Momentum auto-scroll

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Added Sept. 12, 2020

Quote Colors (Tb 68, 78)

Configure text and background colors of quotes in mail and news messages.

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Added Sept. 9, 2020

Message Header Toolbar Customize

You can change icon display and button order. You can also hide unnecessary buttons.

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Added Sept. 7, 2020


Custom Thunderbird keybindings

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Added Sept. 5, 2020

Next Unread Thread

Adds a Thread button, marks current thread or conversation as read and moves to the next unread message

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Added Aug. 16, 2020

Next Unread Group

Adds a Group button, marks current newsgroup or folder as read and moves to the next unread message

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Added Aug. 16, 2020


It seems like taskview,
but it would be enough with a small size because event is different to task.
Of course, tooltip exists, but it shows information of events formally.

Be a light.
I thank God!

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Added July 31, 2020


Dynamic theming of Thunderbird using your Pywal colors.

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Added July 23, 2020

Mark All Read:WE

Mark all read (Web extension) - Adds a toolbar button to mark all unread messages in current folder as read.

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Added July 20, 2020