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This program works like a charm. I don't see a single ad anywhere! It makes for a much nice surfing experience!. For years I was using Internet Explorer (latest was ver 8), with my Windows XP. Pages were loading slower and slower so I upped the RAM...still nothing. Was thinking about having to buy a whole new system. Then I switched to Firefox and AdBlock. What I needed was a new browser. Blazing fast.

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Absolutely great. Thank for you undoing the betrayal.

I will be recommending this from now on instead of adblockplus to the many people I deal with.

I have also already sent a letter to the NYTimes about the article they wrote about adblockplus that highlights your fork.

Well done.

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This addon's cause is noble, however I'll stick to Adblock Plus because:
1. Adblock Plus has way more support (this add-on changes like, one line of code)
2. I know how to disable the "acceptable ads" feature.

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I'm very satisfied!

Deactivating that unwanted function in Adblock Plus just didn't work on my system - but now I'm surfing without ads again, finally!

One more word: be careful about negative reviews of TrueBlock. Just like Adblock Plus got some ... strange positive feedback even (or especially) after being sold off to big business, there is also some negative feedback to expect here. After all, TrueBlock's initiator is peeing on the internet ad industry. And they know how to create spin - positive /and/ negative ...

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Finally a fork of this great project.

I'd like to ask you if you can stripp the 2.0 code from this new interface. I think the older interface which allowed to overwrite the list-url and much more was a way better. Even updating all subscriptions at once is missing! I'm still using 1.3.10 because of these "features".

Great job!!!

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Thanks a lot for having done this fork and for proposing trueblockplus.

Also for respecting adblockplus work (regarding your remark on donating) and opensource license.

Of course, it's easy to block "non-intrusive ads" in adblock plus, but it's a question of principle, ethic. Here user has the choice with Trueblock Plus alternative which works well.

I hope this extension will continue to live and develop if people are interested and participate to it.

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C'est vrai que pour une seule option, c'est étrange de refaire une extension complète (même si j'ai bien compris l'argument). Je pense qu'il vaut mieux expliquer qu'adblock est configurable.
De plus Adblock seul n'est pas suffisant, il faut le coupler à Ghostery, Noscript, Better privacy etc.

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Support from france !

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for this fork Mr. Bishop. I felt that myself and us as a community would be crazy to trust the developer ever again, of Adblock Plus. What you are doing here is 100% essential and I would like to thank you tremendously.

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Go to Eric' Bishop site (author of this addon) and he eloquently explain his position and why he created this addon. I too am uncomfortable with adblock plus decision b/c it is a opt out and all the implications it has as Eric points out.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

The new "fork" named "Trueblock" is ridiculous. At best, it can be considered useful to express some people's anger. It uses the unchanged original AdBlock Plus code, adjusting only ONE user setting (that everyone can change for himself EASILY). If "forking" like that should become the rule, Mozilla would have to think up ways of how to deal with it.

To counter the somewhat exaggerated hysteria regarding the "non-intrusive ads" feature in the original AdBlock (I posted a critical comment on the new "feature" here already):

not only is it extremely EASY to deactivate it in the original add-on, it can even be DELETED COMPLETELY ("Actions" > "Delete"), i.e. the whitelist AND the newly added options dialog will be removed. I didn't lose ANY of my old filters and settings after the update with the new "feature". Everything is working as before. Even after the very latest new update, the deleted whitelist and new option didn't reappear (actually, I wanted it to reappear to check the whitelist again). And, please, nobody tell me that someone who knows how to pick and maintain his preferred filter lists, doesn't know how to deactivate the new feature with a single click, or re-download his old filters after a messed up update, which seems to have happened to one or two people.

If there were "minus" stars available for rating an add-on, I'd give the "fork" several minus stars. ;-)

I do think though that W. Palant should at least make the whitelist as easily accessible as all other lists. Until then, only five stars.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I thought my computer might have been infected since adblock plus had been running with no significant problems for several years now.

I first noticed that yahoo mail wasn't coming up, then various other websites that had never been a problem before - and this all happened right after the latest adblock update.

A little research, a little reading and all my questions were answered. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

Yes, I will donate when you change the donate link to Trueblock Plus instead of Addblock Plus (at least thats' what it's showing on my system at the time of this posting).

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Congrats. If all fails, you too can hold the advertisers to ransom to sneak their adds in once you gained enough traction with the users

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Thank you Eric! It was really necessary to do a fork. The Adblock Plus Addon goes in the wrong direction. I am very proud that you have found the courage to do a fork and I hope you will find enough people who will help you improve Trueblock Plus.

Trueblock Plus is a fork of Adblock Plus, that means it is the same except the white-list which is by default off! Therefore it is a bit better than Adblock Plus ;-)

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Trueblock Plus is the same code as AdBlock Plus (which is open source) except with the "acceptable ads" feature OFF by default.

Now that the original (and, up until recently, very awesome) AdBlock Plus extension has, by default, added a whitelist of "acceptable" advertisers that overrides my blacklist and filter subscription(s)-- potentially exposing me to malicious scripts and tracking cookies-- a fork was, sadly, necessary.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is like Adblock Plus with the extra feature that it blocks more ads. I love it.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

The major dis/advantages of this extension for the time being are:

+ raises awareness among ad blocking users about the shady "non-intrusive ads" initiative and manifest disagreement to the idea!

+ keep an open option for full ad blocking extension

- first release of Trueblock Plus changes only ONE LINE OF CODE (except ext. name and id).

- not all "non-intrusive ads" code was removed - although feature is properly disabled.

- No need to panic. Adblock's "non-intrusive ads" (still) feature can easily be disabled so keep running those orginal builds for now.

(review v1)

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Good work. Hope people will come over here to show why its bad that Adblock soldout.

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Best wishes to this project and its maintainer. This move is natural and has been long expected for. I don't care if the project will be frozen in its current state with only security and compatibility bugs fixed in the future -- this is my choice between the two. Those claiming the extension unnecessary and useless should relax -- nobody forces you to install it. I'm sure the "old" AdBlock Plus will still be available here for your pleasure.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I am happy with this fork.
An anti advertisement add-on, that decides to let ads through is just suspicious.
Choosing sedo as positive member of the internet community quadruples the negative move.

Advertisements are everywhere, on the streets, radio, television, mails, letter box, webpages, and so on. Ads are not bound to truth, they just try to manipulate people. I do not want that.
Whenever I am able to ignore ads, I will do so.
AdblockPlus once was the tool for web pages. From version 2 on, it is not reliable for me anymore.