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I started using this theme after Noia's developer suspended work on that theme.

The TB upgrade to version 11.0, seems to have moved the tabs at the very top of the TB main window, instead of below the menu toolbars, which makes it look odd to me now. Hoping tabs will be moved back to beneath the toolbar menus in future theme updates.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.13.1). 

Thank you for the review.

Tabs on top is a feature of TB 11. On Windows Vista/7 the tabs are on transparent window border. If the menu would be above the tabs then on the Glass window it would be hard readable. I leave the menu bar below the tabs awaiting when TB can paint the tabs in title bar. If not and when this happens I would have to change the menu position again. The actual position is also consistent with Nuvola FF.