Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Almost entirely destroys my Firefox 41.0
A few years ago, it was the most clever and useful add-on, and definitely one of my favorite add-on...
Since Fx 19.0 it started to fade away, didn't work well anymore...
Later didn't work anymore with newer Fx versions.
Tried it again about every 6 or 8 monthes, because I missed its great functionality, yet didn't work.
This is my last try :
my adress bar disappeared
the personnal bar disappeared too,
and so forth...
Couldn't even restaured Fx through personalisation :
personalisation page was empty !
Had to temporarily deactivate all add-ons to be able to fix the problem !
This must be my forth or fifth review ;
it will be my last one about it !
Absolute zero !!!
Really so sorry... (:-
For infos : Space next add-on (https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/space-next/) does the trick, not so fast, not so cleverly, but at least it works all the time...

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Two months later...
Still doesn't work... a pity, but fortunately I found something similar that works like a charm ! https://addons.mozilla.org/ja/firefox/addon/autopagerize/
This may help the ones like me for whom Autopager doesn't work anymore (since too long...)

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Wind Li is (was... ?) a great add-on developper...
but let's say straight : does he become lazy ?
Has he a big family with plenty of young children, one, two, or three wives,
and therefore no more time to update this add-on ?
Frankly I wonder...
Since a few months no version works very well anymore !
Well I know these bl...dy Mozilla Firefox's developpers put an unfriendly task, copying Chrome, and making a "new" Firefox version almost every 20 days...
We all know that, in fact...
But it would be more honest to say on your add-on page, that it does not
work well, so we'll be aware of the bugs, and won't expect much...
The Teesoft links don't respond either... all dead...
Yes, sorry I'm a little harsh, but I really miss an AutoPager working well !
I noted it 3/5 because I recognize the former great work that was made...
but for now it is in fact only 1/5.
I still wish that things can change,
and to be able to write a new comment with a 5 stars rating :-)

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Was excellent for a long time, but doesn't work well anymore since a few monthes, and now only on some sites. The yes button is more or less useless, because almost never works.
Hope this add-on will work again very soon.
Does it depend mostly on all google https pages ? I wonder...
A pity, because it was really a great add-on...
Since short time, I use now PageZipper add-on, that does about the same job (too much visible for my taste...)
but frankly miss AutoPager well working :-(
I wish to be able to give again a 5 stars for an AutoP working perfectly (how it was the case for at least >5 years,) very soon :-)

Rated 5 out of 5 stars


I met Autopager 2 weeks ago and it already became an absolute must !!!

Many times before, as I had to click on a few "next pages" I thaught : F...k ! what a hassle ! :-)

So once you've met Autopager, you wonder how you did before... :-)

In my ten top adds, along with Adblock, Flashblock, Mouse Gestures, Nuke Anything Enhanced, Xmarks, for instance... among the best !!!

Thanks a lot :-)

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