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Almost entirely destroys my Firefox 41.0
A few years ago, it was the most clever and useful add-on, and definitely one of my favorite add-on...
Since Fx 19.0 it started to fade away, didn't work well anymore...
Later didn't work anymore with newer Fx versions.
Tried it again about every 6 or 8 monthes, because I missed its great functionality, yet didn't work.
This is my last try :
my adress bar disappeared
the personnal bar disappeared too,
and so forth...
Couldn't even restaured Fx through personalisation :
personalisation page was empty !
Had to temporarily deactivate all add-ons to be able to fix the problem !
This must be my forth or fifth review ;
it will be my last one about it !
Absolute zero !!!
Really so sorry... (:-
For infos : Space next add-on (https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/space-next/) does the trick, not so fast, not so cleverly, but at least it works all the time...

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