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Today’s PC users create more bookmarks than ever: long lists and folders and sub-folders full of them, but Mozilla hasn’t kept up. As great as Firefox truly is (with extensions: the best!), its bookmark creation function has the same old choke point it and its competition have had since day one: FILING.

Specifically, the Firefox bookmark creation & filing function uses a window so small that its user's view through it at any particular moment is limited to just a portion of their bookmark collection. In other words, Firefox forces users to scroll their bookmark directories up and down and side to side through this little window, searching narrowly until they get to the spot where they want to file their new bookmarks. Often users (like me) just file their new bookmarks in a temp folder instead. They delay final filing decisions until later when an easier, secondary and larger Firefox "Show All Bookmarks" window can be used, but that’s just plain counter-productive.

Edit Bookmark Plus remedies this by enabling the user to permanently enlarge the Firefox bookmark creation & filing window (nearly as large as the monitor’s screen if so desired) thereby providing a truly great view of their bookmarks from a tall root list to extensively wide sub-folder levels. The outcome is users deciding quickly and comprehensively from the “get-go” where best to file their bookmarks at the very moment they’re creating them.

For those of us who collect and organize a lot of bookmarks this is an excellently helpful extension! At this point I only wonder if it’s the first of its kind among all browsers. If so, it deserves extra credit. Thank you very much Kashif Iqbal Khan for your extension. BTW, I use this extension with Firefox 10 and the Firefox default theme.

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