Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I liked this theme. It was good while it lasted. Unfortunately, it has been broken since the release of TB 17 (large grey area under the title bar), and by now it seems clear that it is not being updated. The closest working theme that I have found is xpDefault, which is regularly updated. I would recommend it to anyone who used to use Classic TB2.


PS: I am adding this after the developer's reply below. First of all, thanks to Corey for replying less than 24 hours after I posted my review. I agree that it's only been a week since TB17 came out, but since the notice that the add-on is still in development was only posted after my comments, I think that my doubts about the extension's future were understandable, especially since the theme was immediately broken with the new TB release.

Since I am responsible for the TB installations of a group of people (most of whom wouldn't recognize an add-on if it spoke to them in the street), I need to give them certainties. To say, "Things will be updated shortly" is acceptable; to say "I don't know what's happening" is not. At that point I have to advise them to what to do to "get their TB back" That xpDefault has continued to work seamlessly with the new TB update is something positive that I cannot ignore.

If Corey could give a quick status update soon after each TB GUI change that impacts Classic TB2, it would be much appreciated. And, as far as I understand, Thunderbird will now be slowing down its rapid release cycle for a while (at least until Firefox reaches number 24); which will be a relief for all of us. The fact that Mozilla has officially announced that it will concentrate on Firefox to the detriment of Thunderbird at least has a silver lining!

In any case, the developer's statement that Classic TB2's development will continue is good news. Looking forward to the next release. Thanks, Corey.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.0). 

TB17 has only been out a week - it's a bit early to assume the theme is no longer being updated. I assure you, it is.