Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Please, could you mail to Mozilla forum whether woudl somebody take over developement instead of you if you do not have time or energy?
Extenstion is great but does not work greet now. Homepage does not exist any more. Was not updated several years....

Basic functionality is OK but when you try to share source file to be able to use abbreviations on more machines and between Firefox and Thurdebird, it ends up with reseted file location to default file in profile folder.
Several times a week I have to reenter file location in Dropbox folder to see abreviations. I have to have several copies of file because TC sometimes reset that file when I changing (returning its proper) location. TC starts to be frustrating. Otherwise there is no Help for storing TC file on shared location, I must say that I have no clue how it should be entered not to end up with reseted file. I have no clue how ShortcutXML settings works. Could you post a guide? Please.

I thing I managed to wow Mozilla community to pay attention to extensions and their compatibility not to hold users on FF 3.6. But updating compatibility info is not enough.

I would consider donation whether there are other was than Paypal but now thinking about finding other solution because TC becames essential part of my work.