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panel options can not be activated and there is also a conflict with save file extension to 2.5.5 when I want to save an image in a particular folder (happens only when perfect view mode is enabled gallery to view all images in a page, not when I do the same but only open for a particular image, in this case works perfectly)

I discovered that the ublock extension origin for some reason I blocked the panel, after many consegui attempts to start it (although I'm not quite sure how I did it) and now I got to fix it, but what the extension save file to business as usual.

Thanks in advance for the help. Your addon is very good

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (6.2). 

- With the new version, you will need to click the yellow message bar in the panel to show the panel content. Is this what you mean? Or does the panel not show up at all?
- I'll look into compatibility with the "Save File" extension, but that is not likely something I can fix.