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During this Solar Max period, the earth is awash in mass amounts of excess and at times extreme solar radiation. Massive Solar Flares during this Solar Max period are far more common. What I find really interesting is the N0HR Propfire app reads this in real time as it impacts the earths ionic atmosphere, THEN I wait for NASA,DHS,NOOA and Main Stream Media to report on that extreme radiation hitting the earth and all life living on earth. What I found is a very telling delay, sometimes amounting to 3,5 days AFTER the event has peaked or AFTER the event before the event is reported which should have read, 'Oh by the way, last weekend you were hit by extreme solar radiation without warning, have a nice day'. With this Propfire app, you'll see the Solar Flare erupt in real time on your desktop, laptop or mobile device and act accordingly yourself.

***** 5 Stars, Highly Recommended regardless if you are a HAM or Short Wave listener but want to protect yourself and loved ones against unnecessary extreme solar radiation exposures.

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