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I have been using the Startpage search engine (formerly when only called Ixquick) for nearly one year now, and knowing that my searches are being kept private with HTTPS & not stored anywhere by Startpage is a welcome relief and of great comfort! I have only occasionally used Google since I switched (like rwizard posted before me, you can still use any other search engine you want to).

RE: My incident when the name changed from Ixquick to Startpage.
I was using "Ixquick" as my home page and they happened to switch over to their newly created name of "Startpage" just after I had exited my Firefox one day. A few minutes later when I opened Firefox again, I saw "Startpage" as my home page instead of my "Ixquick", and I thought someone was hijacking my PC! For whatever reason, I decided to exit Firefox immediately. I didn't get a chance to open my browser for another 15 minutes, and when I did, that "Startpage" was gone and "Ixquick" was back! So I went to Ixquick's website and contacted them, informing them that something called "Startpage" had overtaken their Ixquick on my home page for about 15 minutes and thought they should know what happened. I quickly received a reply from Ixquick telling me not to worry, that they had just changed over to calling it "Startpage" because that would be a much easier name for everyone to remember! I have contacted them twice; each time receiving a quick response and they were extremely friendly & informative.

When I stopped into this website to check out some information, I was really surprised to find only one review, and also surprised that more users haven't downloaded yet. Once more people hear about this wonderful "private" search engine, I can only assume that the users will multiply quickly!!!

To Startpage: Thank you very much for this wonderful search engine. It's a breath of fresh air to know "some" people really do care about users' privacy concerns!