Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Firstly, a shamefaced apology to anyone who read my previous review. I took the developer's description to mean that all Dorando's original functions had been retained, allowed my delight to run away with me and only made cursory checks to verify the description. I'm very sorry and I hope I never again make such an error. "Trust no-one" (least of all yourself).

I should, in all fairness, say that the developer, trlkly, has been in contact with me and pointed out this misunderstanding and shortfall on my part.

So now:

Sadly, this extension is not a slightly updated version of Dorando's tool, neither does it "Keep all your old settings".

It does not permit you to supply your own javascript either for your own new keyboard shortcuts or to replace code associated with existing shortcuts.

It removed all the enabled new shortcuts I had created along with my own javascript, although it did leave those items, renamed, in prefs.js. Perhaps those could be picked up again if ever this function is re-enabled as in the original Keyconfig.

It does list existing keyboard shortcuts and the listing can be sorted by name, key combination or shortcut ID.
It does not fill the error log with "Type error" messages, which the original did.
It does incorporate Morat's informative colour coding in the shortcut listing.

However since, for me and, I believe, many others, the most valuable function of Keyconfig was to allow users to provide new code for new and existing shortcuts to invoke, this solution can only be seen as a step on the way.

Given that major factor, I did not test the facilities to alter key combinations or disable shortcuts.

As is, it could perhaps be seen as a valuable partner for the excellent 'Menu Wizard' which is also signed and publicly listed and _does_ allow shortcuts to be created and edited with user code, (providing they are associated with new or existing menu items) but whose shortcut listing facility is not yet very user friendly.

Given that, currently, the only AMO signed alternative I know which has all the original Keyconfig functions is not publicly listed on AMO, I might eventually use 'Dorando Keyconfig' alongside 'Menu Wizard'

I can only rate 'Dorando Keyconfig' at three stars but would give it four if the description was changed throughout to make clear that it does not include the important javascript facilities of Dorando's original.

Again, sorry for my original gross lapse in not waking up enough to test it properly.

EDIT: Thanks for your reply. I've emailed you with more information. With your amended description, I've changed my rating

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2016.1).