Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is a fantastic useful little add-on and exactly the thing I was looking for (it sure was hard to find).

It turned out that the month/week/day names are only in English but I needed them in German. I found that the names can be rather easily changed to any language by editing the bootstrap.js file like this:

+ Extract macro_template-sm+tb.xpi, e.g. with 7zip
+ open bootstrap.js with an editor
+ replace the English month (week, day) names within the file with the names of your language (e.g. I also added the required dot after every abbreviated German month and day name)
+ create .zip file from all the files and rename .zip to .xpi
+ simply install over your previous installation in TB.

But my main use for this add-on is to post an email at the start of each month displaying the PREVIOUS fully written month in the subject line and the body. I found out I could do this by adding a "- 1" to the appropriate [date.getMonth()] field so it will look like this [date.getMonth() - 1]. This will display the previous month. (Just in case someone else also would like to do this.)

Thanks for a really nice program. I don't understand why this program is not more known and why there has been only one reviewer before me so far. Maybe it has to do with missing keywords in the description of the program. When searching e.g. for "insert time" or "variables" the program doesn't show up in the results.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (