Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Before I found SearchWith I was wasting my time navigating to all of the different sites that I frequent whether they be for research, shopping, pictures, videos, etc. I was typing and mousing way too much. Now that I have SearchWith and I've added all of the sites that I typically perform searches on, I am able to perform those searches by simply highlighting text that I am interested in, pull down my context menu and search the site I choose. If I find that I am searching sites that are not in my list of searchable sites, I simply add it to SearchWith and in about 60 seconds it's in my list and I am searching the new site.

You don't even have to have any text highlighted and you can still bring up your favorite searched sites via the context menu, so that you can then search for something that is not on the current page but is in your thoughts--brilliant!

The addon is very easy to configure by adding your own sites to the search list and removing sites in the list that you no longer want there. Now that I've used SearchWith, I am not sure how I could really get along without it. It really is that good! Install this puppy and I highly doubt that you will ever want to remove it but if you do, it easily and cleanly removes itself--save your searches first!

Most of all, have phun!

Thanks to the developer(s) for this wonderful, must have addon!