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If you wanna search 15 subtitle sites of your choosing with just one click AT THE SAME TIME, in background tabs, Yes You Can! with this addon.
Whether it's searching 53 torrent sites (my record), or 7 video sites, or maybe a combination of 5 torrent-sites plus 7 subtitle-sites plus 13 video-sites, you can do that with this addon.

The great thing about this addon is that it's really fully configurable, but it comes with preconfigured settings if you just can't be bothered.

No other add-on has its versatility, the others are all limited to sites that they are affiliated with. Soyapi's SearchWith is completely independent.

If you do decide to configure it to your needs follow this

The best strategy is to [first] name a Service, (e.g. SearchMyVideos Service), [secondly] add a couple of new Engines (one per site like Youtube.com/GoogleVideo.com/Livevideo.com) and then [thirdly] attach them to that service (e.g. SearchMyVideos Service)

First phase - Adding a Service
1. Go to SearchWith Options via the addons menu. or the context menu (choose Manage Services)
2. Type a name in the Service Name field, hit Add Service,
3. Then in the Edit Service dialogbox that comes up, type the same name again in Service Name field there, hit OK.

Second phase - Adding Engines
1. Go to SearchWith Options via the addons menu. or the context menu (choose Manage Services)
2. Go to the Engine tab. Configure one, by typing a name in the upper field, then hit Add Engine button. In the appearing "Edit Engine" box, fill out the first 3 fields.

Engine Name:

Search Adress:
For example, "http://www.kickasstorrents.com/search/"

Extra Options:
For example "/?from=opensearch"

Now, use the "Service" drop down menu at the bottom to pick the service you just set, in our example, SearchMyVideos Service
Click OK when finished
3. Repeat this for every engine you want.
The easiest way to do all of this is copying one of the default ones, of course.

addition by MyRegs (I didn't forget, I didn't KNOW!;) thanks, now it's even better!:
"when editing services, you can select the new line of the service, below 'Disabled' but you have to hit enter on the keyboard in order to set the choice."

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