Rated 5 out of 5 stars

"Best extension of his category of Firefox, really much better than his competitors" - I second that. The reason:
Unlike the others, this add-on CAN use the same search add-ons that I add to search bar with extension "Add to Search Bar" - customized ones.
The others can use just predefined search engines (you can add others, but with editing "chrome" file... - not so easy like here. Most of us has no experience nor time to do this)
Thank you Vasa for this helpful add-on!

"Shadow912, could it not be possible to put the updated conquery addon on the mozilla addon page?
Installing add-ons from other websites just seems dodgy." - I second that also.
If I haven't seen the post in review that refers to version for FF3 - I would have miss it - and the life would be a bit harder then now :)
p.s. - ordering the engines in "options" could use little tweaking - you have to click on a file 1x for 1 position movement. Dragging or multiple move per 1 click would be nice - though I did make an order only once - and once in a while adding new search engine is not hard.
Perheps "copy search bar order" button in "options" would be nice? :)
"Show" button is a nice touch though. You don't have to delete some search engine - you can turn it off for a while, and if you realize you don't need it anymore - you could delete it later. :)