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GuillermoMolina, can you mail me to murznn(at)gmail.com email? I want to help you with bug testing... I try 0.9 version from SVN and got some bugs.

0.8 version works with firefox sync, but I got the bug: when I do the full sync (reset sync and retrieve all passwords from server) it remove all passwords correctly and try to add from server. But
after sync finish, added are only two passwords (instead of 400+). If I see in the wallet on the sync progress, I see that it adds 2 first passwords, and after that - overwrites second item instead of adding new item. Can you fix this? Please mail me at murznn(at)gmail.com, I can help you with testing this bug from svn versions. And will be good to add some forum thread or other feedback and discuss system about this extension.

And about library path problem - maybe better is to add setting those paths in extension configuration window? It much easier that setting environment path for non-advanced users. And maybe path of libxul.so you can autodetect via firefox xul version and folder?

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