Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This could be a Good Add-on
I installed this add on and it worked, and I liked it, but then it did not work, unfortunately there is no indication if this add on is on or off, Shift+E does not work either, there is no icon on the menu bar either, so little odds on a add-on that has been around for 6 years without having an indication.
there are some pictures for this add-on, that shows the features of this add-on, well I don't see those features, except the picture for checking proxy loads on new window/tab, I can bring it up by clicking on OPTION,
it seems that the picture belong to the older version of this add-on, so the new version does have less features compare to the picture?

I removed the add-on and installed it again, still no luck,
this could be a very useful add-on, I wonder why it stopped working.
please make it work, I have seen that other people also have problem using this add-on.
unfortunately the older version of this add-on does not work with FF 55.

I installed it on FF 55, on Windows 7 32 bit,