Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I really like this. It's a tool I can enjoy using. In all fairness I've still got to fully familiarise myself with some features and am yet to use a forum with the thread compatibilty feature. This could be such a great little hub/portal. Unfortunately as it stands it needs some work to hit it's potential but it's certainly better to have it than to to not have it. I like being able to search from a side bar. It's much quicker. Less clicks to content.
I've found the Alt+W shortcut brings up my lastpass menu instead of seedfinder so hopefully that will get addressed. Maybe worth reasigning the shortcut keys for anyone that can.

Currently rating at 3 stars just for it's sheer existence. Hopefully the dev's will see fit to keep on developing and take it to the 5 stars it can easily achieve.

A little more cohesion and a toolbar icon with right click functions would be good, I think. Perhaps a 'highlight - right click - search on seedfinder' function? Lots of potential here!