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From when I first set up XP SP3 + a number of other updates and until the last few days I would constantly be getting crashes in Firefox and Pegasus Mail, curiously enough, web intensive or dependent applications.I had suspected hardware (disk, memory, motherboard etc.) problems but that was not it. At the same time my firewall (KPF 2.1.5, old but trusty and light) would constantly ask me if I would allow the OS to connect to several akamai 'deploy' servers (which I would always deny) and it occured to me that the problem could be related to that. KPF only accepts IP numbers so I'd have to add another one to the already very long list of akamai IP server numbers every week or so.But the crashes would not cease.In comes 'Silent Block' ...All I had to do is add akamai to the list and that was the end of the crashes, at least for now.I'm crossing my fingers but up to now it's been three days without a Firefox or Pegasus Mail crash.Kudos for the developer.And thanks for publishing it. =-)

Cried victory too soon ... =-/

My firewall log says that my PC connects to xxxx. deploy.akamailtechnologies.com:https.

I have tried using "*. deploy.akamailtechnologies.com" and "*deploy.akamailtechnologies.com" but the Firefox Error Console says there's a syntax error.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

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Solved in email.