Rated 5 out of 5 stars

:-) just lost the whoGreat ! 10/10 ~almost~

( but for the documentation. )

A few minor points & wish-list:

1) I like the way you get to options by
RtClik on the tab count itself,
Like Michael_Corvin & dypsis, I recommend

Options>Format_string: %c/%n

which gives me, for example: 20/42
(I'm in the 20th tab of a total of 42.)

2) I click on the tab count, get Options. fine. Neat.
You say "click on labels for CSS info".
But when you do, it takes you off to CSS documentation.
Rather alarming, and too techie for the average joe.
And haven't the time.
Cascading Style Sheets. Fascinating. Later.

Much better to give some nice examples in a Help text.

(Try to remember, not everyone is as intelligent as you! Or me, even.)

3) ...and if you click on the label 'Format_String', things get very strange.
Hovering over this label works, but that isn't what you say, is it?

3) PLEASE sort out the tags in the add-ons file.
When I search for 'Tab Counter', I only get
TabCounter by filipc, which does not work.
Not for me, anyway (ff 3.5 in vista2). Time was te.

So people have to dig further to find it, & sadly may never get here.

4) When I Tools>Extensions, select Tab Counter & RtClk, the 'Home page' is greyed out.
No help there, then.

5) PLEASE, please, put some clear examples of format strings in some easily found Help text.
Put a link in the Options panel, maybe.

6) I would really like to have some indication on the tab itself, of the number of pages that have been overlaid.

Countless times, I have deleted a tab, only to realize later that the page I wanted was overlaid beneath it.
Countless times.

The standard feature of bringing up a selectable list when you Rt-click on the back-arrow is
rather nice,
but has to be done on a by-page basis, and is easily missed.

(is %n the number of tabs, or the number of actual pages, some hidden?
Something useful to know.)

Thanks to all those who reviewed before, without whom I would probably not have seen all the excellent features on this neat add-on.

:-) just lost the whole of that review, lousy text editor killed it ... :-/
Had to re-type it.

TWICE !!! :-(
Bah!le of that review, text editor killed it ... :-/

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.8.4).