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It's nice that these options exists. I also understand the need of AdBlock+'s default configuration to 'just work' or keep its source clean. However, it is utterly beyond me why i have to install an extension that just exposes a checkbox for an existing preference (so all the code is already in AB+). Granted there are 6 options that do more... However for all AdBlock+ exemplary slickness it does the sacrilege that good extensions do not do: force unremovable ui elements on the user (context menu). It's like forcing an unremovable toolbarbutton into the navbar. Plus, the chrome AB+ comes with a checkbox builtin.

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Almost nobody wants to configure Adblock Plus - and if they do they want to see the important configuration options there, not mixed with things like "Default selection in Filter Composer". For the few people who really want to configure these things this extension exists to make configuration easier than using about:config or messing with user styles.

As to Adblock Plus user interface (particular context menu entries) - yes, it's suboptimal. We want to fix that.