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Proton Calender Toolbar Button

Adds a Proton Calender button to the toolbar. The button simply opens a new tab with the webpage.

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Added Sept. 30, 2022

AWO Zipper 2

Dieses addon ist eine interne Entwicklung der AWO Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. Sie sollte nur auf betriebseigenen Geräten installiert werden.

Voraussetzungen: Es müssen 7-zip und die AWOZipperNativeComponent installiert sein!

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80 users
Added Sept. 23, 2022

Thread in same folder

Runs after junk classification and filtering to make sure a newly-received message lands in the same folder as its parent in a thread.

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4 users
Added Sept. 22, 2022

PGP Universal

Fixes encrypted e-mail attachment names from PGP Universal servers

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5 users
Added Sept. 22, 2022


SmartProxy is a smart automatic proxy switcher that will automatically enable/disable proxy for the sites you visit, based on customizable rules.

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7 users
Added Sept. 18, 2022

Mark Read on Reply

Mark messages as read when you replied to them.

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11 users
Added Sept. 9, 2022

Spacebar Clicker

With Spacebar Clicker, gamers can now test their spacebar speed within the browser. Every gamer can install the extension and practice to increase how many times they press the spacebar.

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Added Sept. 7, 2022

Advanced Composer

Formats message quote prefix in Ms Outlook style, creates and inserts message templates and signatures in HTML format, and more.

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Added Aug. 21, 2022

Scriptable Notifications

This Thunderbird add-on allows you to define an external script (bash, batch, etc.) which will be called so you can manage mail notifications / alerts the way you want.

Note that Snap/Flatpak versions of Thunderbird are currently not supported.

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23 users
Added Aug. 15, 2022

EagleCloud Extension

Works along with EagleCloud Information Security product to secure sensitive information based on company policy.

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Added Aug. 9, 2022


Sort incoming mails into account folders based on the local part

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18 users
Added Aug. 3, 2022


WES Solucoes Tecnologicas Ltda

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Added July 30, 2022

Auto Mark As Read

Automatically mark incoming messages as read if they are in one of selected folders.
An attempt to revive & enhance 'Mark Junk Read' by Alex Cabal

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34 users
Added July 30, 2022

GIMPS Opener

Open Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) 2ᴾ-1 exponent numbers.

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3 users
Added July 27, 2022

Bug Opener

Open GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Bugzilla and Jira bug/issue numbers.

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11 users
Added July 27, 2022

Link Creator

Open selected URIs, URLs, email addresses, telephone numbers and links.

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31 users
Added July 27, 2022

Archive 3 Month

Archive messages that are older than 3 months in inbox and sent folder

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Added July 18, 2022

External Editor Revived

Edit emails in external editors such as Vim

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84 users
Added July 7, 2022

WhatsApp - Thunderbird

Adds browser action icon to toolbar to open WhatsApp.

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118 users
Added July 5, 2022

WhatsApp Web in Thunderbird

Open WhatsApp Web in Thunderbird

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590 users
Added June 29, 2022