Furfox Tail Blazer

I have re-drawn the tail and body of Firefox into a straight line to fit into the browser, it's tail lays along the bar and there is a Firefox logo in the corner.

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A simple theme to give your computer the EMBL-EBI look.

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The Witcher Medallion

My theme has a blue Witcher Medallion on a dark background

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Mac OS X Tiger

This persona matches the aesthetics of Apple's Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). It uses the scratched-metal look used by the Finder and Address Book in Mac OS X Tiger.

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the entire night sky

A gigantic catalog of the night sky that contains more than 563 million stars, galaxies, asteroids, planets, and objects. The images were captured by the infrared cameras of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission, which has been colle...

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Japan Style - Kanagawa Great Wave HI RES

Japan Style - Rising Sun & Kanagawa Great Wave (Hi RES Version)

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Dark Fox 7 lite

This persona adapted from Dark Fox 7, by fronzy75.

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Katana 006

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Krystal - Sexy Babe

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Thunderbird 78 以降用に使えるテーマを練習用に作ってみました。
Very simple theme, which uses only public domain illustrations.

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