Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Works excellently to disable all these pesky one-letter abbreviations, which wreck havoc when the focus is not where it is expected.
Note that the preset button "unset singles" in the Settings dialogue does not quite do what it promises. While it removes destructive short-cuts, it replaces them with other less dangerous, but still annoying short-cuts.

You can paste the following into the settings box to really completely disable all one-letter shortcuts:

"0": "unset",
"1": "unset",
"2": "unset",
"3": "unset",
"4": "unset",
"5": "unset",
"6": "unset",
"7": "unset",
"8": "unset",
"9": "unset",
"j": "unset",
"k": "unset",
"o": "unset",
"f": "unset",
"#": "unset",
"r": "unset",
"a": "unset",
"x": "unset",
"c": "unset",
"u": "unset",
"b": "unset",
"m": "unset",
"p": "unset",
"s": "unset",
"t": "unset",
"w": "unset",
"]": "unset",
"[": "unset"

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.1.0).