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Thank you so much for replying my query about adding a sorting function to your "Expand mailing list recipients" add-on. In fact, there is another add-on called "SortRecipient" that I could use after expanding, but unfortunately, it is not compatible with TB 60.8.0 . Perhaps you can consider making it compatible and add its function into your add-on. It can be founds at: "https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/addon/sortrecipients/". The two add-on's can complement one another. Hope you will consider.

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After expanding, the email recipients are not sorted in alphabetical order. Could you please do that, so it is easier to find the recipient to remove?

Unfortunately not.
I just call the expansion function, that Thunderbird uses internally just before sending the mail and write all addresses back to the dialog. If there's some functionality to sort recipients, maybe from another add-on, I could try to include that, but currently I don't have much time for further development.
It is more important to update the add-on to work with future versions of Thunderbird, which I hope to achieve in the next weeks or months...