NotTo_Ojx Version History

6 versions

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Version 1.6 17.7 KiB Works with Thunderbird 23.0 - 31.*

Works with TB 23 and after.
Add button Foward Notto

Version 1.5 17.5 KiB Works with Thunderbird 17.0 - 21.*

1.5 - 02/2013
GUI improvement:
remove modification of Forward button because of different platforms support problems.
add contextual item (transfer without exp) in appmenu

Version 1.4 17.0 KiB Works with Thunderbird 3.1 - 17.*

Remove commented code because it prevents automatic compatibility check to succeed.

Version 1.3 17.0 KiB Works with Thunderbird 3.1 - 13.*

Supports Thunderbird 5.x

Version 1.2 17.0 KiB Works with Thunderbird 3.1 - 3.1.*

Mail addresses are now case insensitive.
Improves NotTo/Cc/Bcc management, in same manner as To/Cc/Bcc:
allows lists
validate address format

Version 1.1 17.0 KiB Works with Thunderbird 3.1 - 3.1.*

Add option to have only one NotTo which applies for the 3 types (NotTo, NotCc and NotBcc).
Option modification takes effect for every new mail.
Correct bug: description was not translated.