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This is an excellent!

Highest kudos to the author, Andrew.

This is a must-have plugin for anyone using Thunderbird or FossaMail. (For those not familiar, FossaMail is a 64-bit version of Thunderbird created by the same folks who made the Pale Moon Browser. It is much faster than Thunderbird on 64-bit machines, as Thunderbird only comes in a 32-bit flavor.)

I do have a feature request/suggestion:
- To have Mailhops just add a new header to the email source that contains the summary of its "Mailhops Route" information, especially the country of origin. If it's not something you want to have enabled by default, possibly add an option to turn this on?
- That would allow users create custom filters that could be used to stop spam. For example, there is one country we never do business with that keeps sending spam emails. If the Mailhops Route shown on the front end was added as an additional header in the email source, it would not be an intrusive addition, but it would help immensely with spam blocking.

Thank you and keep up the great work!

UPDATE 2017-05-17: Thank you for using my suggestion, and adding the Country-based tagging and anti-spam capability. We now integrate this into our anti-spam filters. Outstanding. Keep up the great work!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.12). 

Thanks for the suggestion on the header filter. I have gotten this before and looked into building this but haven't figured out how to add a header on an inbound message. It is definitely available on an outbound message. Any help would be great, https://github.com/avantassel/mailhops-plugin