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I have been using Windows Mail/Windows Live Mail for years and love it. Unfortunately, like so many good things, MS abandoned it. To ensure security, I have been trying hard to switch to a new email client. I am NOT technical, and tried Outlook first, but did not like it, so I have been trying Thunderbird as I like the single row format with flexible columns. However, I have failed over and over again trying to import the large WLM message store. From I/O NG, I pick the "Import all messages from a directory - Also from its subdirectories." Every time, I only get empty folders. I also found it hard to delete all the imported empty folder under the Thunderbird subfolder I created - as I had to delete each empty folder separately. I have spent 6 hours, and still NO luck. SOS! May Day!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.1.0). 

Thanks for the review . sorry for the issues.
I will do my best to help resolve the import issue,however, we need to do it in the repository issues support section.
Can you open this issue there and we will figure out what's going on.