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great addon

but I just discovered every connection is made in http://google
this sensitive data should be https:// exclusive
please how can we change that?

EDIT: yes, I saw it in fiddler or wireshark. thank you for looking into it, will retry soon.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.13). 

All communication between the add-on and Google is using https. I even have code that replaces "http:" with "https:" for back when contact IDs sometimes had "http:". Where did you see insecure connections? Did you verify that they are indeed insecure with Wireshark or a similar tool?

If you have any evidence of this happening please provide me with it or at least the URL(s).

PS: Version 3.0 switched to https even for the links to my website for the FAQs and forum.