Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have been using this add-in for years without any glitch and with the irreplaceable relief of not having to check whether I am writing from a wrong address that recipients are not even meant to learn.

Great job!

Unfortunately, it seems that with recent releases of Thunderbird the functionality of the add-on is broken. What happens is that:
- when composing new e-mails, the correct identity is picked according to the currently selected account;
- when replying to e-mails, in some cases the expected identity is chosen, whereas in others it is not. This behavior is consistently reproducible and apparently is due to the identity configured for composing new messages that is overriding the one automatically detected when replying. In particular, as soon as the Reply mail window is opened it contains the expected From address. However, immediately afterwards, this address is changed to the one used to compose new e-mails for the account to which the mail was addressed.

For example, suppose I am replying to an e-mail received on account A and addressed to my e-mail M, and assume that new e-mails composed for account M are configured to be sent from address B instead. When I click Reply, I briefly see address M in the From field of the opened window (correct), however it is turned to B shortly afterwards.

"Allow this identity to be detected" is enabled for all my e-mail addresses. The very same configuration has been working for a long time before a recent update of Thunderbird (I am not able to precisely tell which one).
I am using TB 52.2.0 (32 bit) here, but this also happened with 52.1.0. Disabling all the other add-ons does not help.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.4.6).