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Hi Wang,
Thanks for this nice Extension!
One could say, it is better than the main Application (Thunderbird) itself, but it would not be much nice from me to blame such "dinosaur of the computing era"!

We all appreciate a lot your excellent work, and would be very happy, if you can manage to "re-write" your code to "re-fit" this new Thunderbird (v68.).

I saw in your git-repository, that you already gave a try, and noticed it is still some work to do... Please, don't give up!
How can your users/followers help you?

Fact is, that if one offers a free-API, and expects that it gets fairly used, helping to develop the product, then he should KEEP IN MIND that the API MAY NOT keep continually changing!
It must offer congruent backwards compatibility!

Sorry for that, but I had to "vent out" my opinion on Mozilla's strategies.

So Wang please keep going! :)

BR, Careca