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Still works with 31.4.0

I put notes on people's name in my address book. Like "FL-social-Annie-L.A." and stuff. I had no idea this junk was being sent to them.

Kinda hard to do test run this add-on by sending yourself emails because Tbird put the names in your email that you give them. Plus it likes to but the words "me" on it. Like I don't know my own accounts?

I used an old "Yahoo service" email (online) that I never use and was able to test it. SURE enough all that crap was getting sent to them.

Now the extra information seems like it only goes out to them when you use the address book to look them up. Looked like that if just typed/pasted the email in that it would not send the Non-needed information. If you do use the address book's "auto finish" to look up an emails you can still you clean it up by hand before you send it but this is not needed if you have this add-on.

A good thing to expand on this add-on would be to be able to auto-CHOOSE what is sent out to people. Like use the "Nickname" slot go out to them rather than the "Display Name" So your address book may say "whiny girl annie from L.A." but you send out "BFF Annie" . . . well yea a work around may/could be to just call them that in my address book but then I would not know who all my whiny friends from L.A. are :)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.3).