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There is nothing more annoying than news and review sites that split a few paragraphs of the article per page then create a series of linked pages (eg let's say page 1,2 ,3 ... of 11) filled with rubbish adverts or padding you don't need. If you want to save all the article as one page keeping as much of the original style "re-pagination" with a few other tools can do the job. "re-pagination" will load the other 10 pages appended into the current page tab. An article over 11 pages is now one page tab. Once you have this you can then use other ad-dons like "hacktheweb" to remove text and images not needed (like heading and footings repeated 11 times). Finish of your composition with "print Edit" or "UnMHT" to give you a PDF or MHT file with the content you desire.

Not all linked pages are detected but if your lucky it will work with the page you want. For example this review page is "page 1 of 2" but trying "re-pagination" on the "> >" link does not work. A "google.com" search that has muliple pages does work with re-pagination.

I found that some sites generate "doc.getElementByTagName is not a function" message once for each appending (10 pages = 10 pop up alerts). It is annoying but the appending is still successful. An example that gives this message is a google.com search. On some sites each page append may take up to 10 secs, and there is no "page is loading indicator" during the appending so make sure you give "re-pagination" enough time before giving up.

Tested FFX 25.0.1 + Win XP.

As is it is still highly recommended as I have found nothing else that provides this feature.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2013.03.18.1-signed).  This user has a previous review of this add-on.