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Still amazing -- however MiniWebView Sidebar leads to constant high Thunderbird CPU load in my case (Gmail in the Thunderbird Sidebar). Maybe this can be investigated by the developer?

Edit: thanks for the quick reply -- actually I get the high CPU load also when I disable that script and even when MiniWebView Sidebar does not display anything (is empty).

If I disable MiniWebView Sidebar, then I get like 0,5% CPU load for Thunderbird. If MiniWebView Sidebar is enabled (no matter if empty or with website inside), I get 15% CPU load (Intel i5-2500K CPU).

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Hi David

I wonder if it is a script on the web page, perhaps, that is loading the CPU? What happens if you disable that script you added for hiding the left hand bar? What happens to CPU usage when you click a link on the page to take you away from Gmail? Just some ideas, I've not messed with MiniWebView since I made it, I'm afraid, it works well enough for me that's the trouble ;).