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On the notifications window, is it possible to hide the likes and see only notifications of comments on my posts?


Update: Thank you, it worked.

For others, who may want the same, enter this CSS code on F. B. Purity:

/* Hide the "Like" and "Reaction" notification lines in the notifications flyout box */
#fbNotificationsFlyout li[data-gt*='"notif_type":"like"'], #fbNotificationsFlyout li[data-gt*='"notif_type":"open_graph_action_like"'], #fbNotificationsFlyout li[data-gt*='"notif_type":"feedback_reaction_generic"'] { display: none }

Check the CSS page on FBPURITY.COM there is some CSS code there to hide like notifications

If you have any questions or problems with FBP please check the FAQ page on FBPURITY.COM