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Hi Iceberg,

yes, if you search for 'dumper' (without the apostrophes) you will find it, but nobody looking for an addon which generates a -list- of -extensions- is going to search for 'dumper'.

Searching for 'extension list' (without the apostrophes) will also not find your addon.

BTW, I'm now using your addon ;)

Iceberg has produced a corrected revival of this extension, which is officially on AMO and signed!

Extension List Dumper 2 :: Add-ons for Firefox

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WTF! Really, WTF!!!!!

For such a simple add-on this is the biggest cluster-f*ck I've seen in ages.

-- Thunderbird->Tools->Add-Ons Manager said this morning (24-Aug-2015) there is an update to ELD i.e., but neither this page nor Sogame's page says anything about it. Nothing!

-- I let the update install, restart TB and check the results. Aside that the version number has changed to, nothing has change; the add-on-list stays empty

-- See that somebody has taken on adding a follow-up to ELD with ELD-2. Search for ELD-2 in the site search function and even with "Extension List Dumper 2" written out the add-on is not found!!

-- Although ELD is only allowed for TB 1.5-9 my ver 31.1.2 says nothing about ELD not being allowed and still updates from 1.15.2 to, which is also only allowed up to TB ver 9!!

JFC!! nothing works here from the site to the app to the add-on controls. Really, Outlook is looking better and better every day.