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Der_Orso: I am not Iceberg and her/his extension is not mine.

You said you were looking for Extension List Dumper 2 and could not find it. Since you already knew the name, the fact that you found its function was not obvious from its name doesn't seem relevant. But I suppose you believed you were addressing a comment to Iceberg who simply followed the original name of this extension, which was, and is, well known to many of us.

In this country, depending on the context, text may be enclosed in either single or double quotes (otherwise known as 'inverted commas'), and in such context we do not call them apostrophes.

I am glad that you have been able to find Extension List Dumper 2 and are now using it. Your review gave it high marks although, despite the fact I suspect you find it extremely useful, you did not mention any of its good features nor make any positive comment about it. People stay up at night to give us these goodies so when they work for us, as ELD 2 does, why not at least mention that?

..and just a repeat for other hopefuls:

Try typing just 'dumper' (without quotes) in the AMO search box.and look carefully at the drop-down list which appears. Then click on the line showing Extension List Dumper 2.

I have no problem seeing it that way.

However, the new version, 'Extension List Dumper 2', of which I told you, DOES work..

Iceberg has produced a corrected revival of this extension, which is officially on AMO and signed!

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